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Friday, August 12, 2011

Legend has it...

... that if you go to Japan and travel even further east you will find an old man living on the coast just 40 miles east of Tokyo. If you give this man half a million dollars or something of equal value he will agree to take you to an island just off the coast that can't be found on any map.
FnordThis island is occupied by people without faces or names, who hold powerful grudges over the most trivial of matters. When you arrive at this island the first thing you will see is a swimming pool that is never open. Just beyond the pool you will find a town that is filled with cats.
FnordThe old man will then instruct you wordlessly to find a white cat wearing a pink bow. If you ask the cat how to get to Mexico, she will stand up and ask you for three things: your name, your face and your soul. If you agree to give them to her, your face will vanish and you will forget your own name. You can live on the island and have whatever you desire, but you can never leave the island.
FnordThe only way to get off the island is to find the cat again and ask for a Fnord. The next day a van as black as midnight will pull up in front your house. You will hear a knock at the door, and a voice will ask if you want to come to a party. No one knows what happens if you answer the door.


Anonymous Marte said...

Well done.

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